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Judging Tattoo Competitions

I’ve been lucky enough to be asked to judge at two conventions this year, Maiden City Ink in Derry/Londonderry and the Weston Super Mare show and it’s been very cool to see some great work close up. Makes a change for me from working at shows to having the luxury of seeing some of the amazing work being put out by artists these days.

Check out these photos from the Derry show on the Ulster Ink Facebook page!

Howard the Duck!


Got to do this on a good friend and customer recently, It’s Howard the Duck! I’m going to get a better photo when it’s healed, this was taken on an iphone in bad light 😦 But I really enjoyed this one! More comic book tattoos please!

this is up for grabs!


Drew this up yesterday it’s up for grabs – email me or the shop, or drop by with your deposit if you want it! Available in black and grey or colour! Probably a decent sized thigh piece or maybe on a shoulder blade or even chest plate…



space this week!

I have space to tattoo you, yes you! This week! Drop by the shop with ideas and a deposit and we can sort out your new tattoo!IMG_20150310_202902

the sugar skull in glorious technicolour! (well fusion and eternal colours)


From digital rough, to black and grey to colour

tattoo tea party!

Everyone at the studio are working at the Tattoo Tea Party convention this weekend, so the studio will be closed Saturday, but we will be open again Tuesday as usual! If you are at Tea Party come on over and say hello!


We want your sugar skulls!


Started this piece on one of my regulars, she gave me some reference, I drew the rough up on a cintiq, and then tattooed it! The skull is going to be coloured in another session!

we want your skulls


Painted this today – acrylics on canvas board

snake and dagger


some nice new trad style tattoos, snake and dagger. Which would be a boss band name. or a pub name. The Snake & Dagger. I want a cut if anyone uses that.